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You know what's faster than a speed bento? One you don't take photos of!
Stuffed mushroom kid's bento lunch

During my time away from blogging, I continued to make speed bentos for Bug but didn't take many photos, which definitely sped up the morning! The one thing that did inspire me to bring out the camera was making bentos for other children. These bentos with shiitake mushroom caps stuffed with shrimp were for three kids as part of a week-long bento service auctioned off as a fundraiser for Bug's school. (Read the full post here at Lunch in a Box.)
Bento bloggingI've been updating the Bento & Lunch Links page, and I'm astounded at the explosion of bento blogs, vlogs, packed lunch websites and cookbooks over the past few years (feel free to suggest additions in comments on that page). What sorts of posts would you like to see on Lunch in a Box going forward? Take the poll here at Lunch in a Box.


Bento boxes at Asakichi

Sakura bark bentoPart of my personal tipping point to restart blogging has been my proximity to Japantown, and the many other families at Bug's school who pack bentos. I'm in Japantown pretty much every weekday and have been enjoying exploring little stores that I haven't been in before. I was surprised to find that Asakichi now carries about 100 high-quality boxes, which hasn't had much attention yet from the bento blogs. (Read the full post here at Lunch in a Box.)

Confessions of an ostrich

Photo courtesy of perezhilton.comWhat did Dave Chappelle say about suddenly fleeing his hit show for some personal time in Africa? "I'm a difficult kind of dude," and "People got to take inventory from time to time." Yeah, that pretty much sums it up here too, but on a smaller scale. (Read the full post here at Lunch in a Box)

(Photo courtesy of perezhilton.com)
Morning prep time: 22 minutes for two bentos (with an additional adult variation). Full lunch details & recipe for the pan-fried risotto cakes are here at Lunch in a Box.

Risotto cake bento lunch

Bento shopping in San Francisco's Japantown

I've put together a full update on bento gear stores in San Francisco's Japantown, complete with photos of each store's inventory. There are some new additions; check it out here at Lunch in a Box.

His & hers pasta frittata bentos

Morning prep time: 20 minutes for two bentos, including cook & cool time. Great way to use up leftover pasta from earlier meals. Full details and additional child's version of this lunch are here at Lunch in a Box.

Pasta frittata bento lunch for child

How much time does your child's school give them to eat lunch? Weigh in on the poll at Lunch in a Box..


Bulgogi & spam musubi bentos

Morning prep time: 13 minutes & 10 minutes. Full details with additional spam musubi lunch here on Lunch in a Box.

Spam musubi & snow pea lunch for child

Bento prize for Menu for Hope 6 charity

I'm donating a "Winnie the Pooh Goes Bananas" Bento Kit to the Menu for Hope hunger fundraising charity -- US$10 gives you a chance at this bento set. Full details here at Lunch in a Box.