February 14th, 2007


Speed bento technique: making & freezing yaki onigiri, onigiri

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This is another speed bento made with previously frozen yaki onigiri (grilled rice balls) that I defrosted/warmed in the microwave for good texture). The yaki onigiri worked out surprisingly well -- I don't usually have fresh rice hanging around the house, so this'll be another time saver on mornings when I suddenly feel like rice. The homemade ma po tofu, store-bought Korean octopus panchan, steamed kabocha and juice jello cup were all leftovers, so it only took about 5 minutes to assemble this bento in the morning.

Speedy yaki onigiri lunch お弁当

Yaki onigiri freeze extremely well, retaining their shape and flavor when packed in bento lunches and eaten at room temperature (important: reheat in the microwave before packing). Yaki onigiri are classic izakaya (pub) or bento food -- very nostalgic for us. I'm lucky my husband didn't eat all of them when I was making them!

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