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Speed bento technique: jello cups

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Another speed bento. I had made a stash of homemade juice jello cups, so I was able to just drop one in along with a shaped egg from the fridge. The scallop okonomiyaki was leftover from last night's dinner, so this took about 5 minutes to pack. The containers have okonomiyaki sauce, Worcestershire sauce and katsuobushi, and next to the jello cup is a tiny spoon and an Anpanman pick for the kiwi.

Speedy okonomiyaki bento for toddler お弁当

To speed up bento making in the morning, I made extra-firm jello with straight blueberry juice and unflavored Knox gelatine (no sugar), poured into reusable plastic food cups for packing in lunches. They're thicker than regular Jello, so they'll hold up for several hours at room temperature (recipe is on the Knox packets). Just drop one into my son's bento in the morning and go! Big time saver.

Juice jello stash for bento lunches
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