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Bento Box Song: Sandwich Variation

I found an uncommon sandwich variation on the Japanese Bento Box Song, and made a video of me singing it with the associated hand motions. What was I thinking?! Full post with video, lyrics & English translation is here at Lunch in a Box.


Recipe and step-by-step tutorial for making fried shrimp inside-out sushi rolls is here at Lunch in a Box.

How many American men pack bento lunches? A Tokyo radio station seems to think there are many. Take the poll on Lunch in a Box to prove or debunk this theory.


Book Review: Kawaii Bento Boxes

I wrote a detailed book review of the new Japanese bento cookbook "Kawaii Bento Boxes" here at Lunch in a Box. Thumbs up with a caveat.

Fried Shrimp Bentos: Simple vs. Fancy

Morning prep time: 70 minutes (fancy) & 15 minutes (simple)! Way too long, but at least I only make bentos like this once or twice a year. Full details on the lunches are here at Lunch in a Box.

There's also an interesting bento article in today's New York Times with quotes from all kinds of bento folks (me, Maki @ Just Bento, Pikko @ Adventures in Bentomaking, and others).

Fried shrimp bento lunch for preschooler

New #bentobox tag on Twitter

For Twitter users, I’ve created a #bentobox hashtag in Twitter for tweets relating to bento-style lunches. If you use Twitter, just include the word #bentobox (complete with the # sign) in any of your bento-related tweets so that we can easily find relevant info. It should help us find bento-related info (not Filemaker Bento software info!) more quickly and drive traffic to your Twitter feeds and bento blogs. I’m Biggie on Twitter if you want to see how I’m using the #bentobox tag for related tweets.


Bento bloggers: Know your worth!

For a post on Lunch in a Box about protecting your online rights and knowing your worth in commercial negotiations for your bento work.


Rooster sausage bento from A to Z

Morning prep time: 6 minutes. These sausages are special: I helped butcher the roosters they're made from, and Hank Shaw of the Hunter Angler Gardener Cook blog made them. Full details on the bento and my rooster excursion with Hank, Elise of Simply Recipes, and Garrett from Vanilla Garlic are here at Lunch in a Box.

Feather pile
New poll on Lunch in a Box: how long does it take you to prep and pack a single bento lunch? Let us know if you make speed bentos or time-consuming food art.

Got Bento wall clock


I've drawn a winner in the Kids Konserve metal lunch kit giveaway, and linked to a Sacramento Bee article and video about speedy bento lunches. Details here at Lunch in a Box.